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The All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF), established in the year 1987, works towards protecting the interests of the spice exporters in the country, creating a sustainable, pro-development business environment for the spice industry and its stakeholders. AISEF is managed by an elected Managing Committee chosen from among its members.

Membership to AISEF is open to exporters of spices and herbs (at different stages of value addition). The Forum, also welcomes those involved in spice related activities...

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Re-launch of pepper futures likely

Pepper futures contracts on commodity exchanges might be re-launched soon when the controversial mineral oil issue is resolved

Confiscated pepper export stock goes for resampling

There is a chance of boosting Indian pepper export in May and June, if a resampling of a confiscated 6,800 tonnes passes a test and if stockists are w

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