The Finance Ministry on Thursday extended the due date for filing GST returns for the financial year 2017-18 (FY18) and financial year 2018-19 (FY19). According to a Finance Ministry statement, the due dates for filing Form GSTR-9 (Annual Return) and Form GSTR-9C (Reconciliation Statement) for the financial year 2017-18 will be December 31, 2019, as against November 30, 2019. Similarly, for FY 19, it will be March 31, 2020, as against December 31, 2019. The Government has also decided to simplify these forms by making various fields in them optional.

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30th AGM Chairman's Report

Published:25 Oct 19

Annual report by Chairman, Mr. Rajiv Palicha

Due date for filing GST returns for FY 18 extended to Dec 31

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